module Clear::SQL::Query::WithPagination

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def current_page #

Return the current page

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def first_page? #

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def last_page? #

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def next_page #

Return current_page + 1 or nil if there is no next page

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def out_of_bounds? #

Helper method that is true when someone tries to fetch a page with a larger number than the last page. Can be used in combination with flashes and redirecting.

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def paginate(page : Int32 = DEFAULT_PAGE, per_page : Int32 = DEFAULT_LIMIT) #

Enter pagination mode. This is helpful to manage paginated table. Pagination will handle the page progression automatically and update offset and limit parameters by his own.

page = query.paginate(2, 50)

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def per_page #

Return the number of items maximum per page.

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def previous_page #

Return current_page - 1 or nil if there is no previous page

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def total_pages #

Return the total number of pages.

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