struct Clear::CLI::Migration::Migrate::Flags


Extend the flags struct to include the flag

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Constant Summary

DESCRIPTIONS = {} of String => String
SPECS = {"verbose" => {kind: "bool", type: "Bool", default: "false", description: {"--verbose, -v", "Display verbose informations during execution"}, short: "v", long: "verbose", is_required: true}, "no_color" => {kind: "bool", type: "Bool", default: "false", description: {"--no-color", "Cancel color output"}, short: "nil", long: "no-color", is_required: true}} of String => NamedTuple(kind: String, type: String, default: String, description: Tuple(String, String | ::Nil), short: String | ::Nil, long: String, is_required: Bool)


Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Admiral::Command) #

Instance Method Detail

def inspect(io) #

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def no_color #

def validate!(command) #

def verbose #