class Clear::Model::EventManager


Global storage for model lifecycle event management

This class acts as a storage and can trigger events This class a singleton.

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Constant Summary

EVENT_CALLBACKS = {} of EventKey => Array(HookFunction)
INHERITANCE_MAP = {} of String => String

Class Method Summary

Class Method Detail

def self.add_inheritance(parent, child) #

Map the inheritance between models. Events which belongs to parent model are triggered when child model lifecycle actions occurs

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def self.attach(klazz, direction : Symbol, event : Symbol, block : HookFunction) #

Add an event for a specific class, to a specific direction (after or before), a specific event Symbol (validate, save, commit...)

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def self.has_trigger?(klazz, direction : Symbol, event : Symbol) #

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def self.trigger(klazz, direction : Symbol, event : Symbol, mdl : Clear::Model) #

Trigger events callback for a specific model. Direction can be :before and :after In case of :before direction, the events are called in reverse order:

- Last defined event
- First defined event
- First defined events
- Last defined events

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