module Clear::Model::HasValidation

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def add_error(column, reason) #

Add validation error related to a specific column

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def add_error(reason) #

Add validation error not related to a specific column

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def clear_errors #

Clear the errors log (if any) of the model and return itself

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def error? #

Return true if saving has been declined because of validation issues. The error list can be found by calling Clear::Model#errors

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def errors : Array(Error) #

List of errors raised during validation, in case the model hasn't been saved properly.

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def print_errors #

Print the errors in string. Useful for debugging or simple error handling.

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def valid! #

Check whether the model is valid. If not, raise InvalidModelError. Return the model itself

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def valid? #

Return true if the model

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def validate #

This method is called whenever #valid? or save is called. By default, #validate is empty and must be overriden by your own validation code.

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